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What is MES

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are a category of software that provide real-time information and control for manufacturing operations. They are used to automate and optimize production processes, from tracking raw materials and work-in-progress through to finished goods.

MES systems typically include features such as production scheduling, process control, quality management, and inventory tracking. They help manufacturers to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase overall visibility into their operations. MES provides a functional layer between ERP and process control systems and mainly focus on the shopfloor activities.

With MES, your business will be able to

Improved Inventory Management

Automatically updates inventory records with new production, scrap, and non-conforming material. This ensures accurate data throughout the manufacturing process.

Enhanced Product Tracking

Tracing the production cycle from start to finish and linking final products or batches with manufacturing data is crucial for regulatory compliance, especially for manufacturers subject to government or industry regulations.

Quality Control

With real-time transmission of quality control data, companies can promptly halt production when issues are detected. This helps to minimize waste, scrap, overages, and re-work.

Minimize Human Error

Paperless shop floor help manufacturers to minimize the risk of human error and have real-time access to data collected from the shop floor, which can support timely and informed decision-making.

Optimal Resource Utilization

Enhanced uptime creates realistic production schedules for resource availability, integrating scheduling and maintenance to optimize product flow and asset utilization, thus improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

The Best Solution For Your Business


Infor Factory Track

Infor Factory Track is an MES software designed to enhance manufacturing operations by streamlining processes and boosting efficiency, quality, and visibility.


Axacute Data Collection

A cloud-based execution solution designed to help manufacturing companies obtain greater visibility to their warehouse management and shop floor operations.

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