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Axacute DC is a cloud-based system tailored for manufacturing businesses, offering features such as barcode scanning, label printing, on-the-go picking, and production data collection. It aims to streamline operations and simplify inventory management. By leveraging Axacute, companies enhance visibility into warehouse and production activities, leading to improved cost understanding, faster cycle times, and meeting customer delivery expectations.

Maximize the benefits of Axacute DC

Inventory Module

Effectively manage warehouse tasks such as receiving, stock locating, inventory control, order allocation, picking, and shipping. Streamline warehouse operations to improve business performance.

Minimal Maintenance

Axacute’s simple UI, together with the scanning feature takes away hassle during data entry, creating a data entry process that can be understood easily by the operators.

Production Module

This robust tool facilitates managing material issuance, tracking work progress, recording scrap, monitoring labor and machine hours, and handling finished goods receipt effortlessly.


Axacute’s mobility allows for data entry at the point of activity, creating more room for data-driven decisions to be made in a timely manner.

Accuracy & Traceability

Validation against real-time warehouse operations ensures a reliable chain of traceability, enhancing inventory accuracy and transparency.

Axacute’s potential is brought to the maximum when it is used on a mobile device. Axacute on a mobile scanning device gives users the freedom to roam in their warehouse, easily cover other duties of a position without being tied down by wires.

Users scan the barcode label to input the data, followed by data validation by Axacute, and then the label printing, all being carried out on the fly with a mobile scanning device.​

Go green and streamline inventory management with Axacute’s mobile application for paperless directed picking. Axacute allows users to determine different allocation rules (FIFO, FEFO, lot number or location ranking) for different item.

Multiple picking strategies can be adopted as a result of these allocations, whether it is by orders, warehouse zones or customer shipping destination.​

By capturing operators’ productivity and machine utilization, valuable insights can be gained into the efficiency of the production floor.

Additionally, capturing the production rejects with specific reason codes can greatly contribute to the root cause analysis process, enabling the production team to achieve better quality control.​

Axacute is more than just a data collection silo; it seamlessly integrates with the best-of-breed accounting and ERP systems using Rest API or data file. QuickBooks and SAP Business One users will find Axacute to be the perfect companion in their software ecosystem, as integration with these two systems is already pre-built and requires no additional coding.

Users of other third-party systems can still take advantage of Axacute’s comprehensive API documentation in the Developer Portal, which provides guidance for developing their own integration tools.

The Developer Portal also includes API User Reports, which allow developers to monitor traffic on number of calls, response time, data transfer, and the call status.​

Axacute was created with several important goals in mind: to be user-friendly, easy to maintain, and capable of scaling as needed. To achieve the latter two goals, we’ve developed a cloud-based solution.

By deploying our software in the cloud, maintenance becomes a breeze and IT infrastructure expenses can be minimized. In addition, cloud deployment gives users the ability to scale up or down as needed.

As a company grows, demand for the system will increase, and our cloud-based solution allows users to add more users quickly and easily without incurring significant infrastructure costs. With just a few clicks, users can instantly scale up the number of users and enjoy the flexibility and cost savings that come with a cloud-based solution.​

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