Professional Services

Firms are changing the way they do business to drive growth and engage the best talent

Phitomas enables firms to drive new growth, deliver digital services, engage the best talent, and become intelligent enterprises through our tools and deep industry process expertise. We help you overcome hurdles to boosting customer’s satisfaction, enhancing service profitability, and sustaining growth in a service-centric market. Some key industry challenges our solutions address include:

Project Management

An increased demand for real-time project visibility across projects to deliver them on-time, within scope and budget

Tight Margins

Disparate systems and disjointed manual processes create inefficiencies and contribute to reduced profitability

Increasing Customer Demands

Clients demand more transparency into project status, time entry and costs

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Ongoing need to recruit, train, and deploy the right talent in an industry with an aging workforce

Limited Business Insights

Challenges in predicting the key drivers of risk and success for strategic projects and customer engagements

Micro-vertical expertise delivers business value faster

Consulting Services

Business Development and Sales

Business & Consumer Services

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