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Unlocking Intelligent Insights

Infor Coleman™ is an AI tool offering rapid, clear benefits and ROI without the need for specialized skills or unpredictable service engagements. Built on the robust Infor OS platform, it simplifies complex technologies like natural language processing and machine learning. Coleman’s components are user-friendly and designed to build value as users interact with them. It aims to revolutionize AI, aiding organizations in achieving digital transformation goals.

Get the most out of Infor Coleman

Decision Making

Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to provides real-time insights and recommendations, helping organizations make informed decisions.

Increase Efficiency

The automation and optimization capabilities help organizations streamline their processes, reduce manual work, and increase productivity.

Enhanced customer experience

By using the predictive and prescriptive capabilities, organizations can personalize their offerings and improve customer engagement.

Cost Saving

Infor Coleman Solutions can help organizations identify cost-saving opportunities and reduce expenses through improved operational efficiency.

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of the competition by obtaining unique insights, enabling business to respond to market changes more quickly and effectively.

Coleman acts as a reliable personal assistant to support users with their daily work. It can provide valuable insights to help make key business decisions faster, support with repetitive tasks, or simply engage in normal conversation with users.

Coleman incorporates extensive data networks to help serve the needs of human workers and make connected devices smarter. With powerful machine learning capability, it can maximize functions like inventory management, transportation routing, and predictive maintenance.​

Utilizing natural language processing and image recognition, Coleman can understand and interpret human language and images, making it a valuable asset for many industries.​

Coleman offers a user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities for self-service skill building, empowering users to develop their AI skills.​

Coleman enables users to interact with enterprise applications through voice commands, enhancing the user experience and automating tasks.​

Coleman offers attended bots based on UI recording scripts, allowing for fast automation with no change to business processes. It also integrates with Infor OS iPaaS solutions for unattended bots.​

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