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Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial is an advanced ERP solution designed for both discrete and process manufacturers, drawing from over 30 years of experience in supporting small- to medium-sized manufacturers. It offers various features like predictive analytics, lean production tools, and collaboration capabilities. Additionally, it provides integration options to streamline core processes. Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial aids in managing complexity and fostering growth, leading to enhancements in customer service, productivity, and cost control.

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Efficient Project Management

CloudSuite™ Industrial (CSI) enables businesses to manage projects and resources effortlessly, allowing real-time tracking of resources, revenues, expenses, and profitability.

Improved Productivity

CloudSuite™ Industrial (CSI) can help businesses streamline their operations and reduce inefficiencies, leading to increased productivity.

Improved cost management

Cost management and financial accounting features alongside advanced reporting and analytics tools, offers decision-makers real-time data for streamlined decision-making.

Real-time Visibility

CloudSuite™ Industrial (CSI) offers real-time visibility across the manufacturing process, empowering managers to make informed decisions, track progress, and ensure smooth production from quote to shipment.

Enhanced Collaboration

Improve collaboration with customers, suppliers, and resellers through collaboration portals that can be customized to suit their needs using real-time information directly from the ERP.

Increased Accuracy

Accurate and up-to-date information reduces the risk of errors and improving decision-making quality, which can help minimize waste, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.

SyteLine APS enables manufacturers to enhance their delivery schedules and optimize the utilization of resources by using a single planning engine that takes into account all supply constraints, including materials, labor, machine capacity, and tools. This results in optimal planning while minimizing the effort required for planning.​

Streamline costing and financial accounting processes, reducing the amount of effort required. The software includes comprehensive costing and financial accounting capabilities, as well as advanced reporting and analytics features that provide real-time information to decision-makers. This allows businesses to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.​

Improve product quality, reduce costs, and manage quality across the entire business, including suppliers, production, and customers. SyteLine ERP also tracks costs related to non-conformance for better cost management.​

Improves communication and increases visibility while reducing costs throughout your entire supply chain. SyteLine ERP features a range of capabilities that improve sourcing and procurement, inventory management, shipping and receiving, and encourage greater collaboration with suppliers. These functionalities work together to optimize your supply chain operations and improve your overall business performance.​

Manage all projects and resources with ease and accuracy. SyteLine ERP enables real time planning and tracking of project resources, revenues, expenses, and profitability.​

SyteLine ERP helps to improve collaboration with customers, suppliers, and resellers. SyteLine allows portals to be configured to suit their needs using real time information directly from ERP.​

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