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Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise is a comprehensive cloud-based software solution designed to meet the specific needs of manufacturing and industrial businesses. It offers integrated functionalities for managing various aspects of manufacturing, supply chain, finance, and operations. With features like real-time data analysis, streamlined processes, and scalability, CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise helps businesses optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth.

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Streamlined Operations

It offers integrated modules for managing manufacturing, supply chain, finance, and other critical functions, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.

Real-time Insights

CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise provides real-time data analysis and reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to make informed decisions quickly.


The solution is scalable, allowing businesses to easily adapt and grow without worrying about infrastructure limitations.

Enhanced Collaboration

With features for collaboration and communication, CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise facilitates better coordination among different departments and teams.

Cost Savings

By optimizing processes and reducing manual tasks, CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise can lead to cost savings in various areas of operation.

Compliance and Security

The solution offers robust security features and helps businesses stay compliant with industry regulations and standards.

  • Automation of complex tasks streamlines processes and reduces manual effort.
  • Networking analytics and business intelligence tools provide valuable insights from data.
  • Extensibility allows customization to meet unique business requirements.
  • Industry best practices for project-based manufacturing processes
  • Global, multi-site planning capabilities
  • Configure products and, share 2D and 3D images
  • Manage products from inception through delivery and service
  • Maintain global supplier visibility
  • Use advanced warehouse management
  • Eliminate stock-outs and delays

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