Apr 22 2024


Phitomas Unveils a New Brand Identity

We are thrilled to announce that Phitomas has undergone a brand refresh, which includes a new logo and visual identity. To better support our clients’ digital transformation journeys, we’ve expanded our offerings and adopted a new brand identity that reflects our commitment to innovation.  In an ever-changing business landscape, staying ahead requires continuous evolution. Our rebranding reflects our commitment to remaining at the forefront of industry trends. We embrace change to better serve our clients and adapt to the evolving needs of the market.

As we move forward into the future, our vision remains the same: to be the preferred solutions provider for organizations determined to accelerate overall productivity and efficiency through digital transformation. Our mission is to provide businesses with the knowledge and confidence to adopt technology by making sense of the automation landscape and applying it to their operations. We have always been committed to delivering the best services to our customers, and our new brand identity reflects that commitment.

Our Core values:

With our strong moral principles and deep understanding of the sectors we operate in, we ensure that we provide bespoke solutions to solve our customers’ problems. We are nimble while constantly raising the bar to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. We build deep, meaningful connections with our customers to drive loyalty and brand advocacy.

A Modern and Sophisticated Brand Image

Our new brand image is modern, sophisticated, and elegant, paying tribute to Phitomas’ historical identity while showcasing the company’s progress. The updated logo features angled typography and solid colors that convey our ambition, innovation, and confidence. The stylized arrowhead represents growth and forward-thinking, highlighting our commitment to progress and improvement. We believe that this modern design perfectly embodies our core values of integrity, drive, and people-centricity.

The new logo color is a combination of dark blue and mint green, which conveys trustworthiness, intellectuality, and innovation. The mint green arrow represents progression and growth, and it is composed as a unique dot for the lowercase “i,” symbolizing intelligence. This aligns with our vision of helping customers achieve intelligent enterprise by embracing digitization.

We are excited to embark on this new journey and invite you to join us as we continue to innovate and transform the digital landscape.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Phitomas.

Yours sincerely,
Phitomas Team

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