Internet of Things

Edge computing is a part of a distributed computing topology in which information processing is located close to the edge – where things and people produce or consume that information.


Edge computing was developed due to the exponential growth of IoT devices, which connect to the internet for either receiving information from the cloud or delivering data back to the cloud. And many IoT devices generate enormous amounts of data during the course of their operations.

Think about devices that monitor manufacturing equipment on a factory floor, or an internet-connected video camera that sends live footage from a remote office. While a single device producing data can transmit it across a network quite easily, problems arise when the number of devices transmitting data at the same time grows. Instead of one video camera transmitting live footage, multiply that by hundreds or thousands of devices. Not only will quality suffer due to latency, but the costs in bandwidth can be tremendous.

With internet of things, your business will be able to:

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Phitomas takes an integrated and holistic approach to Industry 4.0. Our strength lies in the understanding of multiple technologies and business processes. We lead the way and architect a feasible road map in helping clients navigate change and realize tangible business results.

We help clients bridge the Internet technology and manufacturing worlds, allowing Factory Owners, C-Level Management, Engineers, Technicians and Operators towards Industry 4.0 transformation. We consult value and integration across the organization – from manufacturing line, factory facilities to enterprise resource planning. We work with customers to define smart factory vision and plan how to get there. We deliver the technological solutions that clients require to grow. We also build a lasting improvement and performance with top-notch technologies and solution sets.

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