Infor Coleman – Artificial intelligence for the enterprise


This product is named after Katherine Coleman Johnson, the African-American physicist and mathematician who worked as one of the ‘human computers’ for NASA – a aeronautics and space programs in the United States. Coleman is designed for the industrial and vertical-market challenges and it uses image recognition, voice interaction, and automation to respond to questions, recommend improvements, and take full control of some basic tasks at the user’s option.

Infor Coleman

 Infor Coleman at a glance:

  • A.I. trained on diverse network, enterprise graph, and industry-specific data sets
  • Conversational UX with chat, voice, and image recognition
  • Embedded within Infor CloudSuite™ apps
  • Deep domain and industry knowledge

Industry specific. Astonishingly intelligent.

Leveraging the elastic super computing power of the cloud, this deeply focused A.I., embedded in Infor applications offers ever-present support at scale—to improve your enterprise as well as the performance of individual users. With the industry and domain expertise to help you rapidly adopt new capabilities that will accelerate business transformation uniquely suited to your goals and strategy, you can outpace disruption as Coleman helps to:


Augment your work

Some voice assistants are just an interface. Sure, as the front end for Infor OS, all future capabilities will come through Coleman, on any device. But it’s the back end too—a cognitive intelligence system that processes structured and unstructured data through networked business intelligence tools and analytics—and uses machine learning to make your BI even better. With Coleman, you’ll make the optimal decision every time.


Automate processes

The average interaction worker spends nearly 20% of their time looking for information or tracking down colleagues for help with specific tasks. With the ability to instantly source data, automate repetitive processes, and optimize workflows, Coleman can free up your talent to focus on high-value activities—and create efficiency gains that result in significant savings for your organization.


 Advise you intuitively

In order to best serve the needs of millions of diverse users, Coleman learns exactly what you want by asking questions and narrowing down options; self-improves its translation of syntax with respect for the nuances of relationship dynamics; and looks out for the unexpected—from non sequiturs and intent switches, to acronyms specific to your industry. An infinitely aware advisor, Coleman provides expert recommendations—and it’s only getting smarter.