Wholesale Distribution

New business models and services for today’s new economy

Phitomas enables small and medium-sized wholesale distributors to drive new revenue streams, reduce costs and differentiate their businesses through new business models and customer-specific services. Here are some of the challenges we help customers address though our digital transformation services and solutions.

Develop and deliver innovative services

Increased competition requires new and innovative services which can differentiate

Provide a seamless customer experience

Customers today demand ease of doing business, transparency, speed, and accuracy across all sales channels

Overcome supply chain complexities and costs

Compressed margins require streamlined operations to reduce non-value added activities

Optimize employee productivity

Attracting, training, and retaining the right employees for the job is challenging

Making sense of the vast consumer data collected

Turning data into actionable business intelligence is essential to gain new insights on customer behavior and developing innovative services

Micro-vertical expertise delivers business value faster




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