Autodesk Vault: Tips and tricks- Undo Check Out

December 9th, 2011|Tags: , |

When you checking out one Inventor part file from Vault and open the respective file from local working folder for editing, some may facing problem during the remodeling process in Inventor to claim that " Component is read-only or in use". Let follows few simple steps to solve this issue. In my example, I checked out a part file with name Part-10012.ipt from Vault, open it with Inventor and follows by drilling a hole at the center of the green rod as in illustration below. A message will pop-out and shown that this part file is read-only or in use. [...]

How Vault Works

October 17th, 2011|Tags: |

As the title, in this post I will give you some basic idea on how Vault is actually works to store and manage your design data. In previous few posts, some people comment that they not really understand some technical term used, and perhaps this time, I can deliver it as simple as possible with layman term. Let see what actually happen when you try to get (Checks Out) your file from your server, things happens are such in sequence: Client checks out a file. Client sends a request for the file to the Vault server. Vault server sends a [...]

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