**SyteLine Pitstop is an ERP tutorial series that explains tricks in Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP (SyteLine).

Some purchasing departments have teams in charge of different product ranges. Usually, they use prefixes on Purchase Order numbers to segregate the purchase orders (PO).  It is important to make sure that neither one or the other can view or edit purchase orders that are not within their responsibility. In Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP (Syteline), we can restrict access to purchase orders to team members, that will make this process easier.

Today’s Infor ERP Tutorial of 5 minutes SyteLine Pitstop will show you how to control access to purchasing orders using row authorization feature, along with prefixes of the purchase order number.

You will learn:

  • Controlling access to records using prefixes.

What we will create:

  • 2 x user groups
  • Controlled access to records to different user categories/groups.

You need:

  • Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (SyteLine) version from 8.02 onwards.


  1. Say, we have 2 purchasing teams with prefixes ‘GA’ and ‘FX’ respectively.
  2. Create 2 user groups for the teams, Team 1 (with prefix ‘GA’) and Team 2 (with prefix ‘FX’). Members must set this group as the primary group.Infor ERP Tutorial on Purchasing Order Access Restriction : insert value
  3. Open Row Authotizations form. In Row Authorizations, set the following fields.
    IDO: SLPOs
    Group: Team 1
    Property: PONum , Operator: Like , Value : Literal  ‘GA%’
  1. Click “Add this clause” to add and save. You will see the screenshot below.



  • Members of Group 1 will only see PO starting with ‘GA’, and
  • Members of Group 2 will only see PO starting with ‘FX’.

Using the same principle, you can also extend this to make it more flexible. For example, you can apply this method to teams, buyers and more. It would require a bit more of customization, but it solves the problem of mixing orders with teams for you.

Author: Chong Tsewai