If there’s one thing Perth is best known for, it will be its blue. The big blue and the sky that we enjoy back in Malaysia took on a different meaning in Perth – relaxation. Wrapping up the stories in Perth, we have Anuradha, Mavis, Carmen and Yee to illustrate how they were impressed.

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I was shocked when I first found out that the standard trading hours for retail shops in Perth City is from 8am to 5:30pm except Friday, when they generally close at 9pm. What was in my mind was that after reaching hotel each day after 6pm, we would have nothing to do. I was horrified at the thought of having to wait around or sleep at 9pm. To my relief, there is nightlife in Perth, some of the restaurants and pubs operate until midnight. Great! Otherwise, I can’t imagine how I would have spent all that evening hours.

However, beaches are beautiful in Perth. White sand, blue water. There are some with  playgrounds, grassy compound and BBQ’s. Some are even designed for pets! The best part is that being in the West of the continent, you’ll always catch a grandiose sunset at a Perth beach.


The moment when i stepped out from the airport, I was instantly captured by the clear blue skies of Aussie. Before this, I have long heard about the nature and beaches in Perth. Now that I finally had the chance to explore this amazing city, I saw that none of the description surpasses what lied before my eyes.

Beyond the city centre view, one of the places that I love is Fremantle. It really is a good place to spend a relaxing holiday. You will find yourself in peace just by sitting down in the cafe house along the street to enjoy a cup of java. Other than that, enjoy the freshest fish & chips with a view of Fishing Boat Harbour. A visit to Cottesloe Beach, the most popular city beach in Perth, also should not be missed.

Carmen in Perth - Phitomas Company Trip 2015
Kings Park Perth Australia Beach in Perth - Phitomas Company Trip 2015


I am delighted to pour my genuine thoughts about our annual trip to Australia. Out of all the places we visited, the place that caught my eyes was the Western Australian Botanic Garden (KINGS PARK), which is located on the western edge of the central business district in Perth, Western Australia. As a nature lover, I really loved that park because of their impressive exhibition of flora. A huge variety of (somewhere around 13,500) plant species constitute the park, which spans 17 hectares. What adds to it are the a combination of rare plants, historical monuments, and the view. It breathes life into the concrete jungle, and was the destination for anything at all – a romantic date, a barbecue party, a nap under the shades…you name it. I was very fascinated by this grassy oasis and I hope to come back again to grasp its beauty.


Cottesloe is a beach-side suburb of the city of Perth in Western Australia with its main asset being Cottesloe Beach. With chilling wind, perfect shades of blue and white, it extends welcoming arms to those who seek a break. Beautiful fine sandy beach wraps and heats your bare feet while cooling breeze brushes your face, before you plunge into the bluest of blue sea water. If you are not fans of diving or swimming, it is simply amazing even just to sit for a while and let the wind toss your hair. There’s no wonder that beach destinations often top the list for holiday, and Cottesloe beach definitely is one of the best to consider.

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