Siemens Mendix

Mendix is a low-code application development platform from Siemens Digital Industries software that allows enterprise to streamline software development and make personalized adaptable modern enterprise applications.

Enterprise will also be able to drive new levels of innovation and digital transformation as Mendix provides a way to develop software that allows integration of any data source and extend the possibilities of the digital twin. 

With Mendix, your business will be able to embrace digitalisation across products and processes. 

Get the most out of Siemens Mendix

Siemens Mindex Core Capabilities

Pick your IDE
Tailored IDE for every developer including business users and professionals.
Personalised User Experience
Use the low-code platform with a built-in React Native framework to create mobile applications specifically for iOS and Android. Perfect the user experience with Atlas UI Framework to build a truly responsive design across devices.
Clear Collaboration
Ensure effective business-IT communication throughout the application lifecycle with built in collaboration tools for team development, feedback management and project management.
Extend Without Limitations
Extend the Mendix platform with APIs or use pre-built connectors to extend solutions built on Mendix. Use imaginative integration for prominent enterprise systems like SAP, IBM and Siemens Digital Industries Software.
Visualize, Build and Reuse
Accelerate application delivery with highly visual, model-driven development environment. Make components of the application available for pubilc or private reuse on the Mendix marketplace, or reuse from curated library with over 400 building blocks.

Develop Intelligently
With Mendix Assist, the built-in AI development assistant, simplify the development process by mentoring new developers and increase professional developers’ productivity and capacity.
Cloud Native Scaling
Simplify cloud operations with applications that are cloud-native by default and run in a 12-factor microservice architecture. Easily scale vertically or horizontally.
One Click Deployment
Run on private, public or hybrid clouds with a single click deployment without compromising on security, data or integration needs of the business.
Manage The Application Lifecycle
Manage the end-to-end app lifecycle seamlessly. Develop, test, refractor, deploy, and monitor the quality of the apps from a single platform.
Govern Consistently
Monitor app performance and quality. Ensure security and governance with user-based security, version control, automated testing, comperehensive admin suite and more.

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