You will learn about:

  • The process of a purchase order change in ERP system (SyteLine) from “opened” to “printed”
  • Changing and Printing a Purchase Order
  • Three SyteLine Forms: Purchase Orders, PO Change Orders, Change Order Report

What we will create:

  • Modification based on an existing Purchase Order
  • Printed report on the modification made

You need:

  • Infor Cloudsuite Industrial /SyteLine version from 7.02 onwards.


Purchase orders are issued to vendors to place orders for supplies. Often times, a Purchase Order is modified to changes in demand and supply such as quantity, due dates and items. Further revision will occur. To track and manage the change, we use the PO Change process in Syteline.

In this quick tutorial, we will learn to manage PO order revisions in SyteLine ERP, and to print the revised Purchase Order.


Let’s start.

  • When a Purchase Order (PO) is first changed to “Ordered”, the change number is zero (0). This means that zero revisions have been made.
  • The state diagram below illustrates the change status of a PO.


PO Change Management in ERP SyteLine

PO Change Order Management in ERP SyteLine


  • Let’s assume that we need to revise some of the details in the PO lines, such as due date, ordered quantity, and cost.
  • After revising the PO lines, click save. Then open Purchase Orders form.
  • The Change Status field, and the Change number are highlighted below. Since we are doing revision for the first time, the Change number will be 1.


Modifying a Purchase Order in ERP SyteLine

Modifying a PO in SyteLine ERP – under Purchase Orders Form


  • The Change Status is now “Opened”. As the name implies, it needs some kind of ‘closure’. The process is continued by another authority, usually a colleague or the team leader, who needs to approve the revision.
  • To do so, open PO Change Orders form to view the changes. If the revision is approved, update the Change Status to “Finalized”.


PO Status displays “Opened”

PO Status displays “Opened”

PO Status displays “Finalized”

PO Status displays “Finalized”


  • You can also print Change Order Detail Report to view the complete changes made by the user in the report. Change Order Detail Report in StyeLine ERP
  • Now, a revised Purchase Order needs to be sent to the vendor so as to let them know of the changes. To do so, open Change Order Report form to look at the revisions.
  • You can print the entire PO or just the revisions.


Picture above shows Change Order Report.

    • Please note that clicking on the “Preview” doesn’t update the Change Order Status. Click on “Print” to complete the change PO process.
    • When this is done, the Change Status in the PO will now be “Printed”.


Purchase Order with Printed Status

Purchase Order with Printed Status


Status displays “Printed”

PO Change Order Form


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Author: Chong Tsewai