In all honesty, one doesn’t go to Australia for food, unless you are a die-hard fans of Kangaroo meat or Australian red crabs. However, where there is human, there is yummy food. Continuing the stories in Perth, we have Kim Kee, Samantha and Shu Zhen here to tell their eat-and-be-merry experiences while in Perth.


Kim Kee:

As we were having a night walk around Northbridge Perth, we were thirsty for some drinks. Thankfully, we stumbled on this place that sells chocolateria. Yeah, what a fantastic find! We ordered some drinks and their famous churros. The first bite of churros dipping in luscious chocolate seized me with a WOW. It tasted wonderful, the richness of cocoa and crispness of the churros danced a tango on my tongue. I’m not kidding, it was really really good. I have tried many desserts, but that was a taste that I’ll never forget. Was it because of the environment? Or cheerful holiday mood? Or was it because that was my first time eating churros? I think it is the combination of all. ?

Samantha in Perth

Bootleg Brewery is one of the Margaret’s river favourite beer sipping destinations that you must visit! This brewery is run by locals with a family friendly atmosphere, giving a homey feel as one of the most famous place for the locals for couples, families or friends gathering. We had a simple snack lunch (Plater for two – good for small eater like me) and some chips.

I don’t usually drink, but with the passion of the locals coupled with the amazing view, I was tempted to try and get a sip of their brews. We were given a chance to try out their award winning pulls: Tom’s Amber Ale, Prohibition Pils & Raging Bull. We started from the lightest (Summer ale- light malt taste, a very light version of Shandy) to the strongest (Raging bull- taste like Guinness stout but lighter).
It took us 3 hours’ drive (about 267.3km) from Perth city to Margret river. But the simple hearty meals, snacks with amazing lake and estate view in Bootleg were worth every kilometer.



Shu Zhen:

Among many fantastic moments, I am most reminiscent of a concert. During one of the warm summer nights in Perth, we headed down to Langley Park, Perth to enjoy Symphony in the City. It was a free event organized by Lottery West and the City of Perth, and we were lucky to be there for one of their summer highlights.

It was crowded when we arrived at the venue, but we wedged our way in and sat on the grass. Before we realised, we were enjoying the orchestra performance under the stars. There were many fine pieces, but I was most impressed by the flute solo performance by Andrew Nicholson. The event ended with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture accompanied by an impressive firework display. The event ended with an encore performance with holiday tunes in the breeze – We Wish You a Merry Christmas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ~

Food in Perth