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Phitomas is your enterprise partner as you rely more on Software, Platforms, and Applications to run your business. Our application services will support you throughout the application lifecycle from development and implementation to management and upgrades.

From legacy ERPs to new SaaS tools, modern business run on multiple applications. They offer better business management with data collection and automated responses to help you grow and scale your business.

At Phitomas, we know you depend on these systems. That is why we provide the support you need to design, develop, implement, and maintain your applications. Our services will provide better experiences for both your internal end-users as well as your external customers.

We capitalize on innovative, digital tools to improve your systems. We will proactively enhance performance and modernize systems through automation, data collection and artificial intelligence. Our team will elevate you to the cloud without sacrificing data security. This allows your business to address the growing urgency for agility without losing access to key support data.

Throughout the application lifecycle, we offer services to match your needs. We have a deep understanding of software development to work with you to understand and define your business needs. With a holistic approach and end-user focus, we co-create a strategy with you. We thrive on understanding your business and then cater our delivery model to fulfil your business objective.

Our services include implementation and support of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, cloud and applications.

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Cloud Migration Services

Cloud capabilities have changed the way technology works for many organizations and individuals. If you are looking to embark on the cloud journey or just piloting, Phitomas can assist you and your business of any size in cloud adoption and implementation.

Our certified cloud team can help you bridge the skill gaps and accelerate your journey through our low-cost delivery centers. We’ll drive your business to adapt to a connected world and address your growing need for agility.

Application Management Services (AMS)

Our AMS provides solutions for the key challenges facing businesses today, including enterprise agility in disruptive business environments, legacy systems struggling with increased demands, limited core resources across multiple competing priorities, or other key business, technological, and sourcing challenges.

We combine our deep and robust understanding of service management and best practices to serve as an agile and flexible partner for your business’ unique environment. By increasing throughput, application uptime, and productivity metrics, we will enable your enterprise to do more.

Application Development Services (ADS)

Today, standard and custom applications are more important than ever for businesses across all industries. Are you getting the most out of your applications? When it comes to developing new applications or maintaining existing ones, the stakes are equally high.

Phitomas’ Application Development Services provide solutions to deliver superior support to internal and external end users throughout their digital journey. As an agile development and implementation partner with nearshore, offshore and onshore delivery capabilities, we provide flexible, cost-efficient application services that match your quality, responsiveness, and value expectations.

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