Three must-have elements of a modern ERP

Looking for a new ERP? Wondering if the one you have now will help you succeed – or hinder your ability to compete in the industrial manufacturing industry?

This expert report outlines the three things you need in existing or new enterprise solutions.

  1. Flexibility
    Most providers will say their solution is flexible. But take that down a level. What you really need is a solution that combines best-of-breed software and is integrated in an agile network for maximum adaptability so you can manage complex supply chains, bills of material (BOMs) and other specific industrial manufacturing needs. In other words: you to need a solution that is designed for your industry, with the ability to meet evolving needs as your business changes.
  2. A solution that talks SMAC
    An ERP that talks SMAC is a good thing – when SMAC stands for Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. These business software characteristics help you manage the volume of data you deal with every day at the speed you require.
  3. Support for innovation
    You need an ERP that gives you visibility across the global supply chain, and system-wide transparency for all key stakeholders – from suppliers to customers. Your solution must include platforms for collaboration and streamlined workflows, so you can easily make engineering changes, inventory adjustments, and accelerated deliveries

By embracing an end-to-end ERP solution, you can build better customer relationships and increase the speed at which you do business.

With end-to-end ERP, you can better:

  • Work in partnership. Increase efficiency and speed up decision-making by giving your customers direct access to the product development process.
  • Configure. Grow profits by meeting customer demands for an increasing variety of product configurations and higher levels of customization.
  • Develop and introduce new products. Consistently meet customer demands by quickly developing and introducing new products with an end-to-end product lifecycle process.
  • Manage quality. Reduce time to market by ensuring product compliance and improving quality throughout production. Ensure product consistency by keeping track of machine and temperature settings.
  • Integrate. Tightly integrate your engineering, sales, and production departments to increase the number of customer orders you win. Manage the process of change control across your entire organization.

Does your current or potential ERP offer these things? Ask your provider and demand detail. For more on what to look for, read the complete brief today.

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