Real-Time Locating System (RTLS)

JAPPᵀᴹ is a Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) that is used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real-time, usually within a building or other contained area.

JAPPᵀᴹ general architecture consists of tags, gateways, RTLS server, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

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Companies use JAPPᵀᴹ Analytics to make data-driven decisions. The insights gained by JAPPᵀᴹ Analytics enable these companies to automate and optimize their business processes. In fact, data-driven companies that utilize analytics achieves a competitive advantage because these insights can be used to:

  • Conduct data mining (explore data to find new patterns and relationships)
  • Complete statistical analysis and quantitative analysis to explain why certain results occur
  • Test previous decisions using A/B testing and multivariate testing
  • Make use of predictive modelling and predictive analytics to forecast future results

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