JAPPᵀᴹ Real-Time Locating System


Real-time location system (RTLS) works to make large-scale operations more efficient. Factories, refineries, manufacturers need to know, in precise detail, where things are in large operations. Otherwise, it may take precious hours to locate vital resources, inventory or tools. Losing any critical and sometimes expensive equipment, and taking the time to find it, reduces productivity and profits.

While RTLS can save companies money, it also helps reduces injuries in the workplace. Since human resources are your most vital and expensive assets, you need to protect those investments. Injured workers reduce productivity, but they also raise your insurance costs. RTLS streamlines operations, provides real-time visibility and efficient asset management. At the same time, it also protects your workers.

Discover how JAPPᵀᴹ Employee RTLS system helps improve workers’ safety in your facilities.

Real World Examples


Emergency Response

By making use of push-button tags, teachers, students in school, nurses or patients in hospitals, lone workers working in hazardous environments, or police officers can summon assistance when faced with an emergency situation.

Monitor Movements

By monitoring security guards, an RTLS can help ensure that facility surveillance isn’t hampered by a guard sleeping on duty.

Improve Workflow

In an emergency department, you can determine the key changes in equipment, staff, or processes required to decrease the time from decision to admit a patient to the physical placement of the patient in an inpatient bed.

JAPPᵀᴹ Features