JAPPᵀᴹ Hospital Equipment Tracking


A hospital has many portable equipment that are moved frequently and are spread throughout multiple buildings. Some equipment are limited in availability and searching consumes a lot of time. Hospitals also need to maintain and calibrate the equipment such as monitors, anaesthesia machines and defibrillators to keep them in tip top condition. With beacons, we can track and locate them in real time.

When a medical personnel needs an equipment, he can search for that equipment nearby and locate it in real time. In case of the equipment not nearby, he can make a request to the department in location information to transfer the equipment.

If the equipment is out of service, the technician can place designation of “Out of service” or “Suspended” and will be visible to all in the equipment list.

With patterns of usage, hospital can study the utilization and better plan for asset allocation and purchases. Additionally, alerts can be sent when an equipment leaves the section or building.

hospital equipment tracking

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