Phitomas January 2016


Happy February, folks!

January 2016 has been good. First off, the team is now larger by 2 colleagues – that’s 2 more people to play paintball with. Also, emerging from the annual reviewing phase, we plunge into the hot period for strategic planning. LOTS of time was spent planning and catching up on paperwork, other than normal operation. Also, shredding the year-end decoration, the office is now coated with a layer of red and pink. Why? Because it’s almost Chinese New Year!

Other than that, we also attended conference where we learned about challenges and hopes for the coming year from experts’ sharing, and concluded our first phase of intensive English professional training. January 2016 also sees our first initiative at educating the rising stars of tomorrow! With the launch of Phitomas Education Programme, we are now committed to providing free software training to current students. The first and the second training were carried out not without difficulty but with great enthusiasm. Recognizing the need for constant practice, the students and trainers remain connected on LinkedIn Group even after the workshop.

That aside, neither have food and exercise been neglected. Amist the tight schedules, badminton and gym are a good cure. And food is another savior for the soul! Have we talked about how our January edition dinner became somehow a loh-sang session?


January_2016 DinnerCNY Deco