Staying productive

From selling to sourcing, production to fulfilment, service equality or analytic and collaboration, Infor CloudSuite Industrial provides a complete solution and organization-wide visibility. When your number 1 priority is delivering on time, you need to stay productive.

From the shop floor to the top floor, and all points in between, Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP empowers you to automate and streamline your production, so you can stay productive and make better decisions in less time. Every business and industry is unique, but all too often, ERP software will require you to fit your business to their system, not the other way around. CloudSuite industrial has the industry requirements built in, empowers you and all your users to personalize the solution and make it their own. Infor CloudSuite provides easy browser access in a unique collaboration platform.

SyteLine ERP Sales Operation


Creating conversation and sharing information is simple. Select your connection, create your message, and share. You’ll save time not having to search for the documents, discussion or details that matters most, and you will gain the security provided by traceable communication. If you want to get notified about an order, customer or vendor, you can easily follow, or select other objects to follow for notifications. You can also stay on task.

Streams are easy to create news, analytics, KPI and dashboards are critical to stay informed and productive in today’s business environment. With could industrial, you have access on your comp, on your iPad, or even on your watch.


Access to information

CloudSuite Industrial provides anytime, anywhere access to information. You have multiple dashboards to choose from. There are dashboard, reports and metrics for all aspects of your company. You can easily create your dashboard view with the reports and metrics important to you. Drilling down is easy and only one click away. Enterprise wide visibility at your fingertips. You can share these with others straight from your dashboard. The report is automatically attached to message so nothing is lost in translation or email or voicemail. Select who you want to collaborate with, create a message and share. Your message automatically shows up on message feed on both your collaboration page and theirs. And the link to the report you were viewing is there automatically.


Configured Quotations

CloudSuite Industrial provides unique, 360 views in to employees, items, vendors and customers, giving you complete visibility to information. In this customer 360, you can see details about your customers, credit or payment history, lead or opportunities, projects or contracts. Creating detail estimates is quick and easy. Add your line items or go through a guided selling process to configure custom products. Using the info product configurator with CloudSuite Industrial, you’ll increase your revenue through a guided selling process. Whether you have a direct sales team, online presence, distributor or multi-channel approach to sell and configure items, info delivers the results you need. In the configured quote, and orders are passed directly in to the manufacturing system with automatic creation of the bill material and rounding. Once completed, creating documentations and proposal to your customers is automatic. You can print and email your customers all in one step, and turning that quote into an order is another easy process to copy and go.


Customer Service Management

Customer service management is a key revenue and profits channel for many manufacturing companies today. CloudSuite Industrial provides complete access to all service information after market pass, service contracts, unit tracking and to their reviews, all at your fingertips.


Production Management

Resource realization job orders, on time completion percentage, or drill in the details of production, capacity scheduling and more. From the collaboration homepage, you can see what messages you need to work on. Drill directly into production order and question and respond quickly to fellow employees with a direct link into the project job and question. You can see the complete built material and routing or you can drill into more details to see exactly what is being ordered. All of your order detail and info is readily available at your fingertips. Reviewing delivery dates and production is immediate. The program is capable of production and confirmed dates, or review plain details.


Information in Real Time

Updating dates is an easy process. CloudSuite Industrial also pushes contextual information to the user in real time. Here you can see a side by side analysis of the actual versus planned cost for this order. Actual is a zero because production hasn’t started on this order so there’s no cost reported against this job yet. This contextual information is available on ross CloudSuite Industrial empowering users to make decision in real time as all relevant information is being produced. They don’t have to hunt it down. With Infor CloudSuite Industrial you can be confident that you have the power, flexibility and industry capability that you need to get the job done.

With over 25 years of successful implementation, and over 5000 customers worldwide, you’ll be supported by an experienced team that knows what to do and knows manufacturing. CloudSuite Industrial has the deployment option that’s right for you. You can choose to license individual modules or the classic on premise model. Or license the complete industry suite to a sass or subscription model using Infor’s Amazon Web services environment. With the cloud, you move form a capital expense to an operation expense. Infor made it is your upgrades, hardware, database, disaster recovery and more. Whichever deployment you choose, Infor has the services to support you.

Video is courtesy of Infor Inc. on Youtube.