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ION stands for Intelligent Open Network. As the name suggests, Infor ION is a new generation of middleware solution that is light in weight, built on open standards and easier to implement technically. With the latest Infor’s ION Suite, companies get common reporting and analysis, workflow, and business monitoring with one, consistent architecture. On top of that, ION suite runs an event-driven architecture (EDA), so that it can pro-actively push data, work activities and exception notifications to users.

Easily integrate both Infor and third-party software applications with Infor’s innovative Intelligent Open Network (ION). This purpose-built middleware solution provides a simple but powerful and scalable framework, allowing you to eliminate operational silos, dramatically improve exception management, and achieve unparalleled end-to-end efficiency.


ION suite ensures information is delivered to the user’s doorstep.




  • Infor ION Connect- Allows your applications to operate together easily, so you can seamlessly execute business processes.
  • ION Pulse- This interactive system lets you monitor your entire business easily.
  • ION Workflow & Event – This framework lets you create, standardize, monitor, or change any business process without IT involvement.
  • Infor Motion Activity Deck – A client for Infor ION Pulse, this utility lets you view and interact with the information that you get from Infor ION Pulse, either on your desktop or on your favorite mobile device. It also lets you inspect and modify the processes you create in Infor ION Workflow & Event management, so that you can continuously improve the way you work.
  • ION Business Vault – This innovative solution monitors your transactional systems, then organizes and stores information from those systems in a common repository, ready for access by all systems connected on the ION network, as well as by specialized packages for reporting, analytics, and consolidation.
  • ION Reporting – This specialized tool simplifies the task of reporting by incorporating an extensive collection of pre-built reports-such as Production, General Ledger, Project, Purchasing, Sales and other areas-that you can use right out of the box. It also includes streamlined report building features that eliminate the need for assistance from IT, and a centralized library of reports spanning multiple applications.
  • ION Business Analytics – With a powerful assortment of role-based reports and industry-specific business analytics, this solution helps you keep focused on the information that makes the biggest difference to the exact work you do in your organization and industry. It helps you keep focused on the information that matters most, simplifies implementations, and maximizes the value of the Infor software you already have.
  • ION BI – This is a fully integrated, state-of-the-art business intelligence suite using an in-memory OLAP database that connects to almost any type of data source. It applies multidimensional data analysis to financial and operational data and also delivers in-context business intelligence built into the user interface and at the point of decision for users across the enterprise. You can access Infor ION BI information via the web, through Microsoft Excel.
  • Infor Workspace – This groundbreaking new user interface lets you work the way you live. It automatically displays the information you need when you need it and doesn’t make you waste time “swiveling” between applications to do your work-everything you need appears in Infor Workspace, as needed, to help you make better decisions faster.
  • Infor Socialspace – This advanced social collaboration technology automatically organizes collaborative information in the context of your daily activities.
  • Infor Motion- ION Experience supports mobile services with Infor Motion, which uses the same rich, flexible connective architecture that unifies your enterprise software. That approach minimizes the cost and effort required for provisioning, deploying, and managing mobile apps.
  • Infor Enterprise Search- This intuitive, simple-to-use application makes it quick and easy to search your enterprise data in Infor and non-Infor systems. Similar to popular Internet search engines, Infor ION Enterprise Search helps you search for and find relevant information securely and rapidly across multiple data sources.
  • Infor Mongoose- Provide your users with powerful tools to extend and adapt applications to a virtually unlimited extent, with little if any programming, without compromising the upgrade path. Infor Mongoose allows you to create feature-rich applications, while minimizing the time and amount of program coding. You can maximize the assets your company invests in its IT infrastructure and provide end users with the ability to adapt the Mongoose-built applications quickly and cost-effectively.
  • SaaS Subscription – Infor hosts your applications on our multi-tenant servers. You get pay-as-you go flexibility for on-demand software. Pay annually, quarterly, or monthly. Quickly and easily ramp up your capacity as you deploy additional sites and users. We’ll handle the infrastructure and software upgrades.
  • Cloud License – Also known as hosted license, you purchase a perpetual software license, and we run the applications on our multi-tenant platform. This gives you the flexibility to bring the applications in house at some point, or to continue to let us host them for you-and take care of all the IT and infrastructure responsibilities.


With Infor ION, you get:

Workflow management

that creates a seamless flow between your software and the activities of your employees, suppliers, and customers. You can easily design new workflows, automate document routing and approvals across departments and office locations worldwide, and ensure consistency by rapidly deploying changes across the business. The Infor ION platform

Event management

that lets you identify and resolve problems with rule-based notifications and alerts that are automatically delivered to the employees who need them. You can detect exceptions based on business rules that you define, prevent oversights, and provide better service by continually monitoring performance.

Pulse messaging

that moves information through the Infor ION network between your connected applications and components of the ION system, guaranteeing delivery of critical information and allowing your systems to work together more effectively. • Technology connectors that integrate Infor and non-Infor applications with minimal effort and minimize the disruption and complexity of upgrades by decoupling your integrations.

Role-based permissions

that allow for broader access to the Infor ION network and expanded use of its capabilities without compromising security.



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