Infor CloudSuite Mobile

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Mobile Access puts key functions on your mobile device for various user roles within CloudSuite Industrial. This data can be viewed from multiple sites.

The Executive must have visibility into the health of your organization. They require a quick reference into key values for Cash Balance, Today’s Bookings, Today’s Shipments, and Order Backlogs. You can also link to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable details for all the pertinent information you need. As well as set up alerts:

  • Alert when an order for a specified customer is overdue
  • Alert when a specified account is over budget
  • Alert when an order line for a customer is projected to ship late.

While Salespeople are on the road, they are able to enter new contact information, view Sales Orders, Leads, Opportunities and Contacts. They can also receive alerts regarding critical customer information. Using the calendar, they can also see any tasks that are needed to close opportunities.

  • Alert when a customer order is on credit hold.
  • Alert when an order has shipped for a specified customer.
  • Alert when a lead has been assigned to them
  • Alert when an opportunity or follow-up is due
  • Alert when an order line is projected late

Your Production Manager gains the ability to be notified and resolve issues as they occur even when away from their desk regarding critical shop floor and production information. Alerts can be configured to be sent in certain unexpected cases such as when the material issues are more than required or when the Actual labor hour posting is more than planned. Using production calendar forms, planned production can be viewed for the day and into the future.

  • Jobs to complete
  • Jobs to release
  • Jobs completing late
  • Job labor status
  • Alert when the material issues are more than required
  • Alert when the actual labor hour posting is more than planned
  • Alert when a job is projected late for a customer.
  • Alert when completed quantity is more than released
  • Alert when there is any transaction with status error in the DCSFC table (shop floor transactions)

The Controller has the responsibility to control costs for the day to day operations of your company. By using the mobile controller application, they can view Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Account Balances, inventory value, evaluate Funds committed for Purchases, and see Today’s bookings. Alerts can also be set to notify them of issues before they occur.

  • Alert when a specified account is over budget.
  • Alert when any customer goes on credit hold.
  • Alert when material is over-issued for a job.
  • Alert when a transaction for a specified account is over a specified amount.