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with Infor® CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP

Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) is an enterprise resource planning software created specifically for engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, and mixed-mode manufacturers. Customers in both discrete and process manufacturing can benefit from this solution.

CloudSuite Industrial enables users to track manufacturing operations from beginning to the end, including financials, order entry, after-market service, and analytics. CloudSuite Industrial supports advanced planning and scheduling, product configuration, materials and inventory management, customer relationship management, and role-based dashboards and analytics. Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial solution can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud.

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UWC Berhad: A Case Study

As a fast-growing enterprise and the world’s largest contract manufacturers, UWC require tools to expand their reach to other countries and grow their business needs. They are posed with challenges of streamlining operations and increasing transparency in their business.

To meet the challenges, UWC considered Infor’s industrial software solution because of the ease of management. As a result, UWC has increased operational efficiency, streamlined its digital core, gained insights into its diverse business processes, and aligned with modern business trends in the digital economy. By implementing Infor CSI at the headquarters and other subsidiaries, UWC has shown increased consistency in their manufacturing processes, improvement in their time to delivery, achieved end-to-end visibility into the production processes and hence, increased customer satisfaction.

Business Challenges

  • Expand reach to other countries and grow their business
  • Optimize key processes across all operations and improved their performance
  • No visibility on forecasting, procurement, inventory, and shipping throughout the organization


  • Real-time access to reliable data for well-informed business decisions and proactive supply chain decisions
  • Reduction in order input time
  • Improved reporting reducing time to develop custom reports and export data for analytics
  • Optimized their key processes across all operations and performance improved
  • The workflow for forecasting, procurement, inventory, and shipping are integrated in the solution allowing greater visibility throughout the organization

What our client say:

“Infor® CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) has allowed UWC to increase efficiency, developed consistency in our manufacturing processes, and improved the time to delivery. It has raised customer satisfaction and has given end-to-end visibility into our production processes.” 

Dato’ Ng Chai End , ED/ Group CEO, UWC Berhad