About The Webinar

Developing a Better Planning, Budgeting, and Accounting System

The primary purpose of budget management is not to only determine what can be done with the resources available, but rather to push a company forward and help achieve goals. Budgets should be prepared in a way that encourages growth, and budget allocation should align with the company’s strategy. Planning, budgeting, accounting, and appraisals at all levels of can then be managed in a closed loop. Specifically, planning and budgeting play a guiding role, and accounting is used to assess and oversee the execution of plans and budgets.

Attend this webinar to learn about how dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) can help you:

  • Align Planning, Budgeting, and Accounting with Strategy and Business Operations
  • Prepare Plans and Budgets from the Bottom Up
  • Implement Flexible Budgeting to Adapt to Opportunities and Changes
  • Use Accounting: as an Important Indicator of Management Improvement


Who Should Attend: 

  • Financial Controller
  • Head Of Finance
  • Director
  • General Manager
  • Executive Chairman
  • Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Group Chief Information Officer
  • Group Chief Accountant
  • Vice President Finance
  • Group Chief Financial Officer
  • Senior Manager Corporate Finance
  • Senior Analyst Corporate Finance

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Jessie Teng, Principal Solution Consultant, Infor (S.E.A) Pte Ltd.

Jessie has over 20 years of diversified professional experience in financial audits, ERP, Performance Management and IT application consulting across a wide range of industries. She worked with various complex clients across many industries, such as manufacturing, retail, public sector, pharmaceutical, share service centre, natural resource etc. Moreover, she has strong accounting background and deep understanding of the financials, budgeting, planning and consolidation business processes.