The Future Of Medical Device Manufacturing

Aging Baby Boomers will require an increasing amount of medical care in the coming years, adding an extra layer of complexity for medical device manufacturers. To remain innovative, medical device manufacturers must adapt to the changing demographics of an aging population, while keeping up with the regulatory requirements that govern how medical device products are developed, manufactured, marketed, and sold. With a next generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, medical device manufacturers can prepare their businesses for changing Baby Boomer needs, while controlling costs and preparing for the future.

Medical Devices Business Challenges

Why Infor CSI HTE Medical Device?

How medical device manufacturers can optimize quality, lower costs, and increase efficiency with Infor CSI

  • Gives you the tools you need to meet Baby Boomer demand while controlling costs

  • With a single system, you can track the movement of materials and parts from receipt to shipping

  • You can help ensure that products meet or exceed the standards required by customers and regulatory agencies

  • Industrial Manufacturing for Medical Devices includes FDA validation scripting, you’ll be able to safely use electronic signatures, confident that the system complies with Title 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)

  • You’ll also be able to manage the complete lifecycle of your products, from innovation and product design to aftermarket service and preventive maintenance

  • Quickly handle the return material authorization (RMA) process, increasing efficiency

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