Fulfilling the demand for innovative models relies on a flexible network of internal and external partners. It’s not just globalization that creates difficulties for automotive suppliers and builders. Changes in manufacturing processes, consumer demands and new, disruptive trends all impact on the vehicle supply chain network for raw materials, parts and finished automobiles. Both internal and external factors require automotive supply chain managers to minimize costs, optimize manufacturing and distribution, and ensure that parts and products get to the right organizations at the right time. The assembly line sets the pace in automotive manufacturing. At this point in the production chain, suppliers must deliver their products just in time (JIT) and just in sequence (JIS) for vehicles to be assembled as planned. Success is measured by the entire supply chain committing to deliver within tight turnaround times. The greater the time pressure at the end of the chain, the harder each individual element of the chain must work. With Infor CSI Automotive delivers Speed, agility, and visibility that power your top and bottom line.

Automotive Business Challenges

Executive Priorities

Infor CSI Automotive Empowers Speed,  Agility And Visibility

  • Accurately monitor customer demand

  • Streamline your quotation process

  • Automatically transfer successful quotes to production

  • Consistently deliver high-quality products, on time and at competitive and profitable rates

  • Better track and manage your resources

  • Fine-tune the solution quickly and easily, so you can better address competitive threats and opportunities for growth

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