Manufacturers today can no longer afford to ignore the challenges that their sector faces but need to deal with and overcome them proactively. The main difficulties that industrial equipment manufacturers can come across include an incomplete view of their profitability, lack of insight into supply chain, and the means to collaborate productively across the various stakeholders. Volatility in demand forecast and changes in raw materials price. Managing customer expectations to ensure profits. Project management, collaboration supplier integration and quality monitoring are main factors for success delivery. Difficulties in managing Inventory planning due to large number of slow-moving items. Maintaining item masters, BOM, routings, vendor instruction sets, serial numbers, and lot tracking is a challenge due to the wide range of new parts and sub-assemblies. Managing supplier’s network with complex pricing & commission structure. After sales service tracking & monitoring it seem a challenge and maintaining skill’s workers. With Infor CloudSuite Industrial IM&E make it possible.

Challenges In Industrial Machinery And Equipment Manufacturing

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What Is The KPI Measurement For You?

Why Infor IM&E ?

Infor CSI IM&E Empowers Speed, Agility, And Visibility

  • Track all inventory across range of assemblies and components in real time

  • Accurately monitor customer demand

  • Better track and manage your resources

  • Fine-tune the solution quickly and easily, so you can better address competitive threats and opportunities for growth

  • Consistently deliver high-quality products, on time and at competitive and profitable rates

  • Streamline your quotation process

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