Infor BI for CloudSuite

Infor BI for CloudSuite

Your Infor™ CloudSuite Industrial solution collects, manages, and distributes the information you need to run your manufacturing business more efficiently and profitably.

We developed Infor BI for CloudSuite to provide integrated data, total visibility, and accurate tracking to make it easier to analyze data down to the detailed level. Flexible reporting aids in decision making, planning, and providing engineering with valuable information needed to adapt product or part designs.

You’ll gain the ability to transform your business with Infor BI for CloudSuite because of two powerful differences that set this solution apart from all others: Prepackaged industry content and technical integration. While other solutions may offer just the tools, Infor BI for CloudSuite integrates ready-made cubes and dashboards as seamless parts of the Infor CloudSuite Industrial environment you already use to make your business run.

You’ll get quick answers to the questions that matter most with Infor BI for CloudSuite, thanks to its assortment of pre-built, role-based dashboards and reports, organized to support the most important aspects of your business, including:

  • Manufacturing — Analyze critical aspects of your manufacturing operations, throughput, ongoing costs, and other critical variables. Monitor performance by product, department, cost center, and projects.
  • Finance — Track costs and profitability according to customer, site, and time period. Compare current performance to past periods and monitor costs against budget.
  • Sales — Review sales performance by product, channel, customer, representative, and region.
  • Inventory and purchasing — View key statistics, including inventory cost by line item, vendor performance, receipts and returns, and cost by product code.

Inventory management

Most shops use barcodes to identify inventory. The efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use afforded by barcodes have made the technology nearly universal in many industries. Due to advances in communication technologies, Wi-Fi capabilities for mobile devices are now common. Industrial handheld barcode scanners often serve as an integral part of a modern integrated shop floor environment.

ERP screens are often complex and support multiple extended features that are often poorly-suited to the average implementation. By re-designing these screens to better fit the intended task and concentrating on the user profile of the employee using them, Factory Track provides a simple step-by-step method for performing tasks. These screens include only the data needed, much of which is Factory Track read by scanning barcodes, allowing higher accuracy and efficiency to be achieved, resulting in higher productivity.

Using these devices, the shop can link employees to the system in real time, allowing them to act on current information and priorities without the need for paper printouts. This gives the system an up-to-date status for many material activities, such as picking or shipping customer orders, goods received at the dock, and floor replenishment.

Factory Track bridges the disconnection between an ERP system and the shop floor and warehouse. Using modern input methods, including handheld scanners and touchscreens, and an intuitive interface, Factory Track meets users where they are by bringing the robust capabilities of an ERP system directly to the shop floor and warehouse where they are needed. By integrating time and attendance with labor reporting, work center support, and inventory management into a cohesive system that communicates with the ERP system in real-time, Factory Track eliminates the lag that comes from filling out paper forms, reading printouts, and entering data into a database, thereby ensuring that databases are always updated and users always have the information they need at their fingertips.

But strategic business decisions often involve multiple disciplines, crossing boundaries between sales, finance, operations, purchasing, etc. With Infor BI for CloudSuite, you also get a set of innovative analytical cubes, prearranged information structures that automatically draw on data from your Infor CloudSuite Industrial system and facilitate robust adhoc analysis in the following business domains:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Booking
  • Business performance
  • Financial income
  • Inventory
  • Job efficiency
  • Material scrap
  • Sales and product contribution
  • Sales delivery
  • Vendor received