It’s time for December Recap! This month, as always when it comes to year end, is a mixture of relaxation and intense chaos. We spent some time Down Under for our company annual trip, but that wasn’t without lots of hours working at the desk (and off) to cope with the year end arrangements. Here is our brief but interesting journey for the last days of 2015…


  1. Of Presents and Well-Wishes

We had our annual Christmas gift exchange after dinner at a Thai Restaurant (of course, where else is more suitable for a Christmas dinner than a Thai restaurant?) Now one cannot say that this is even close to the most looked-forward-to events of the year, because admittedly nobody is excited at the thought of pillows, gift cards and irons and extra snacks and mugs and…… Just kidding. Lots of love, guys!

Phitomas Gift Exchange 3Phitomas Gift Exchange 1 Phitomas Gift Exchange 2

Phitomas Gift Exchange

Santa Claus works at Phitomas, people.


  1. Of Trainings and Practices

Investment in people is always crucial because they are the company’s greatest assets. This month…let’s just say that the learning bars are raised and we have been trying to keep up. Over the month, we attended intensified language training, as well as other soft skills workshops, where we learned more about the management style that suits our personal traits. Everyone can be a leader if he or she finds the way that fits the crowd ad the leader.

Language Training Dec 2015

Language Training Dec 2015

Management Soft Skills Training

Management Soft Skills Training

  1. Of Flying and Holidays

It’s that time of the year again! Those of us who were mobile (ie. not trapped) went for an annual trip this December to the land Down Under. Staying in Perth for a couple of days, worries of the world were far away as we indulged in the heat and excitement. We can be quite sure that all the food and tan marks are one of the ways that the company thank the staff for a year well done!

Phitomas Annual Trip 2015 Perth Phitomas Annual Trip 2015 PerthPhitomas Annual Trip 2015 PerthVisit these pages to for the journal

We can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store. (: