Conversational AI

Communication has been the essence of life from the beginning of times. With the evolution of technology, mode, and style of communication have also evolved.

AI-powered messaging solutions or Conversational Bots (Chatbots) serves as the steppingstone to the future. A Conversational Bot is an automated computer program skilled in digital media communication. It communicates through intelligent virtual agents, organizations’ apps and websites, social media platforms, and messenger platforms. Users can interact with such bots using voice or text to access information, complete tasks, and execute transactions.

AI-driven, NLP-based chatbots (AI Chatbots) and voice assistants are the latest in technology and a must for all businesses these days.

With conversational AI, your business will be able to:

Conversational AI Core Capabilities:

Powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Our deep neural networks trained on extensive, real-world, multilingual features have demonstrated the ability to accurately predict multiple intents and entities from user utterances in 100+ languages. The models are trained for both voice and text inputs. Users can create one bot and enable as many languages as they require.
Always be in touch with your customers via the platform that they are familiar with. Our Chatbots can be deployed on top of existing mobile apps, websites, as well as popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, etc.
Context Recognition
While conversing about a particular topic with our Chatbot, you don’t need to repeatedly mention the topic. Just use ‘it’ and the Chatbot will understand what ‘it’ is referring to. The bot understands the context of your conversation.  

Easily integrate your own ERP, CRM, ticketing, ecommerce, and loyalty systems to have insight into relevant customer information in one place. Our Chatbot is able to pull data, perform calculations. 

Depending on the integrations, the Chatbot can do different things. While integrated to your customer data, it will be able to provide more personalized service, while keeping your customer database updated. visualize data in a suitable format, and more. 

Bot-Human Integration

There are times when humans need to take overWithout human supervision, machine-learning could go wrong, e.g. biased and racist response. Humans also handle the queries that a bot is yet to be able to answerTypically, Chatbots will not be able to respond to queries that it has never encountered before or has not been trained to handle such queries.  

When facing such queries, the Chatbot will redirect the queries to human personnel to take over the conversation. As humans take over the conversation, our Chatbot picks up the way they handle such queries, using its machine learning capability. The Chatbot will then be able to handle similar queries in future encounters. 


Workflow Optimization
Get insight from the analytics provided by our Chatbot and find out how effective is your current workflow. Discover the most effective path that gets your customers to your goal. Update your current workflow with the path that works and gets your customers to your goal. Instead of just answering customers’ questions, our Chatbot will be directing the customers to your goal using the best path that we identified earlier. 

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