Configure Price Quote (CPQ)


Infor’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software allows manufacturers to streamline the selling and production of their configured products. With Infor® Product Configurator, you can drive revenue, reduce costs, and differentiate your brands in the marketplace. You’ll be able to create compelling quotes, accurate orders, and complete bills of materials and routings.

With Infor Product Configurator, you get the power and flexibility to handle any configured product or service, and support practically any type of user or application-plus, you can integrate the software with your web, mobile, enterprise, desktop, and laptop systems.

Create A More Successful and Productive Sales Process


With Product Configurator, you can:

  • Accelerate key processes such as quoting, order entry, and price book/catalog generation.
  • Increase sales by making every sales person, customer service rep, dealer, and distributor a product expert.
  • Decrease costs by reducing the need for engineering support in sales and other processes.
  • Eliminate errors in product specification and pricing.
  • Gain the ability to quickly train new employees and sales partners.
  • Speed new product introduction by reducing or eliminating the need to distribute product and pricing updates.
  • Streamline production and improve quality by providing accurate configuration-specific information to manufacturing.

Configure Price Quote Features:

Mixed Mode Manufacturing

You get a dynamic user interface that makes the entire configuration experience highly intuitive, productive, and personalized-on just about any laptop, desktop, or mobile device. With Infor Product Configurator, you get:

  • Dynamically-rendered user experience that presents the right product view, language, currency, pricing, and Ul features based on the combination of user role, mobile or device type, location, and task.
  • Customizable look and feel that makes option selection extremely easy without programming.
  • APIs for custom extensions that make it easy to give users a rich experience and use existing data and programs.

Powerful Configuration Engine

The core configuration engine processes the rules, constraints and associated data in product models based on inputs from the user interface or other applications to provide:

  • Guided product selection that helps users identify and select the product that best fits their needs.
  • Product configuration that helps users understand and select available features, options, and dimensions, while ensuring they define a valid product.
  • Product pricing that ensures an accurate price and/or cost for any given configuration.
  • Real-time product visualization that brings your products to life by providing immediate visual reference and confirmation at the product, feature, and option levels. Visualization options include static imagery, 2D drawings, 3D CAD models, and rendered photo-realistic images.
  • Output generation that dramatically reduces the effort to create documents and data required to sell or manufacture the configured product. Output options include configuration specific BOMs, routings, drawings, CAD models, and almost any kind of document.

Graphical Design Studio

You can easily create comprehensive product models that make selection and configuration of even the most complex products intuitive and error-free. You develop the product models that drive the Product Configurator in the Design Studio. You get integrated product and user experience modeling in a single environment, so you can control exactly what users will be able to see and do based on their role, business function, and application context. Plus, you get:

  • Robust modeling tools that use a combination of rules and constraints to represent product knowledge and tailor the user experience by role, function, application, and locale.
  • A graphical user interface that provides a visual representation of the model, with point-and-click access to the details of every rule and constraint.
  • A real-time testing environment that allows you to iteratively develop and test models.
  • Model management tools that help you maintain control of product models in development, staging, and production.

Deploy Anywhere, Manage Centrally

You can use the integration and administration tools within Product Configurator to easily deploy the software for a specific function, or across all your applications and computing platforms. You can make it available to particular individuals or to your global community of employees, partners, and customers.

With Product Configurator, you can:

  • Integrate with web, client-server, or native applications on Windows, iSeries, and UNIX platforms using native APIs and web services.
  • Deploy online via the web, or on the iPad® and other tablets and smartphones, and distribute to remote desktops with automated Internet-based synchronization.
  • Offer role-based configuration capabilities to your sales force, customer service personnel, dealers, distributors, and customers from a single, consistent product model.
  • Manage all information, including product and pricing data, images, CAD models, configuration rules, and user profiles from a central point.
  • Scale up to any number of applications and users with multiserver, load balancing, and failover capabilities.