LMW Application Procedures

March 9th, 2016|

As it is, the LMW saves you lots of money for the tax relief, provided that you remain within the threshold, and that you successfully applied for it. However, many eligible entities are not of LMW status because they are intimidated and puzzled by the regulations and processes. The good news is that although somewhat lengthy, LMW application procedures are clear and defined, the rules are well published on the RMCD’s website, as follows: Eligibility for application to LMW: Manufacturers wishing to apply for LMW status must fulfill the following criteria:- Carry out manufacturing activities as defined under the [...]

Exemptions under LMW

December 28th, 2015|

As many manufacturers and warehouses might have known, Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) has a license called Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW), which is designed to boost trade by taking away taxes for raw material imports. But what are the exemptions under LMW? For a Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse company, the Customs Duties (Exemption) Order 2013 and/or Sales Tax (Exemption) Order 2013 provide an exemption for the following: Import duty exemption on machinery and equipment excluding spare parts and consumables imported or purchased under item 115 Customs Duties (Exemption) Order 2013. Sales tax exemption on machinery, equipment, spare parts and consumables imported [...]

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