You will learn: 
  • Building shortcuts with your desired filters.
What we will create:
  • A Customer Orders shortcut filtered by customer number ‘1’ and sorted by descending order date.
You need: 
  • Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (SyteLine) version from 8.02 onwards.


In operation, we need to refer to or immediately jump to orders of certain customers or certain due dates. While SyteLine makes it relatively easy for us to set up filters, but easy access on the shortcuts would make it much smoother and more personal.

In this tutorial, we will learn to create a shortcut which opens a form with filtered data and sorted the way we want it.



  1. First add a shortcut for Customer Orders in your folder (My Folders). Select the “My Folders” and right click. Select “Create ShortCut” and select the form “Customer Orders”.
  2. Open Customer orders and filter by Customer number ‘1’.
  3. Then sort the records by Order Date descending by double clicking on the Column heading ‘Order Date’. How? Please insert screenshot.
  4. In the menu, click on Help -> About this Form. You will see the screenshot below. Fun_2
  5. Copy the phrases after columns “User-specified Filter” and “Sort”.
  6. Get/open the properties of the Customer Orders shortcut. You can do that by right-clicking on its name.Fun_3
  7. In the “Parameters” field, enter the following. Take care to replace the coloured section with your values copied from the About Form:
FILTER(CustNum=      1’) ORDERBY(CoNum Desc) SETVARVALUES(InitialCommand=Refresh)
  • Click OK.



  1. The next time you click on the shortcut, it will open the Customer orders filtered by customer number ‘1’  and sorted by descending order date.
  2. Likewise, you can do the same with other fields like name, Ship to number, terms, etc. and also any other forms.





Author: Chong Tsewai

Tags: Syteline 8, Infor Cloudsuite Industrial, User interface