With the rapid growth of networked sensors, various industries are seeking streamlined solutions by leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) into business operations. IoT applications create unprecedented opportunities and enable digitalised business processes through sensors embedded in equipment, devices, products and buildings. The vast amount of granular time-stamped data generated from sensors could be converted into actionable insights using advanced analytics tool.

IoT Analytics Solution for Agriculture

  • Monitor temperature and be alerted if it falls outside optimal range
  • Track the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure
  • Protect your plants from dangerous carbon monoxide gases
  • Make sure your plants are receiving adequate light
  • Get alerted if a door or window to a greenhouse was left open

IoT Analytics Solution for Commercial Properties

IoT analytics for commercial properties
  • Track building access during and after hours
  • Monitor for lights left on, water leaks and other things critical to business and operational efficiency

IoT Analytics Solution for Refrigeration

IoT analytics for refrigeration
  • Received an alert if cooler or freezer temperature falls out of optimal range
  • Enhance security by monitoring motion near entrances, and more
  • Get alerted if a cooler or freezer door is left open
  • Monitor power usage of coolers or freezers to predict equipment failure in time to repair

IoT Analytics Solution for Fleet Management

IoT analytics solution for fleet management
  • Know when vehicles have left and returned to the facility
  • Keep track of vehicles and minimize employee personal use of company assets
  • track vehicle travel path and distance

IoT Analytics Solution for Boilers

IoT analytics solution for boilers
  • Monitor and track boiler temperatures
  • Monitor the power use of boiler pump motors

IoT Analytics Solution for Hotel/ Lodging

  • Monitor water heaters, boilers, along water mains and other areas where water is not wanted
  • Monitor pumps, HVAC fans/ blowers, or other machinery allow you to know if the machine is working within preconfigured
  • Alert your night clerk if he’s elsewhere in the building for the late arrival of a visitor using a simple motion sensor

IoT Analytics Solution for Warehouse

BellaDati IoT analytics solution for Warehouse
  • Protect workers from heat-related ailments
  • Be alerted if shipping bay doors are left open
  • Prevent mold, mildew and water damage to building and inventory
  • Keep your employees safe from CO poisoning

IoT Analytics Solution for School Cafeteria

BellaDati IoT analytics solution for school Cafeteria
  • Receive an alert if cooler of freezer temperatures fall out of optimal range
  • Get alerted if a cooler or freezer door is left open
  • Monitor power usage to predict equipment failure in time to repair

IoT Analytics Solution for Animals

BellaDati IoT analytics solution for animals
  • Track location of animals in pastures and stables
  • Track how frequently animals are visiting feed and water stations
  • Set up real time alerts for an individual or group of animals that you wish to monitor, to know immediately if there is an issue
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