Autodesk Vault: The Working Folder

In last post, I discussed about the workflow for Autodesk Vault and we had mentioned about the term 'Working Folder'. With the explanation in my previous post, the files stored in a vault (server) cannot be directly edited. When there is an ECO (Engineering Change Order) and you need to edit the model or document, you check-out the files from Vault, the files are copied from the vault to a local folder called the working folder. The working folder is the local directory where the files on which you can work on are stored. A working folder location is defined by default, allowing you to begin working with a vault right away. The default working folder is:
  • My Documents\Vault
Of course, you able to change the location of your working folder with just right click on the Project Explorer and select 'Properties', it will direct you to the screen shown as below, and in the screen shot below shown in this example, the location of the working folder is in C:\Work Vault Demo 1\ Design\. Remember, files checked out to the working directory must always be checked back into the vault from the same working directory. It is important not to move files from the local working directory once they are checked out. Hope this information can help you with a little bit more understanding with two different storage properties: working folder and vault server. Stay tuned for more information and stay follows with us with our company website and 'like' our Facebook for more information and news update. Thanks.

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